Admission is open to pupils of all communities and religions.

Admission is left entirely to the discretion of the Principal.

Pupils seeking admission shall be tested and admitted into the class for which they are found fit.

Selected candidates shall pay the prescribed fee in cash., cheques and drafts will not be accepted. Fee once paid cannot be refunded.

Students coming from other states must get the T.C. countersigned by the District Educational Officer of the respective State.


Before the withdrawal of the pupil, a month's notice in writing must be given to the Principal.

A written application for the Transfer certificate must be forwarded to the Principal. The destination and the reason for the making of the explanation must be mentioned in the application.

No Transfer Certificates shall be issued till all the school dues are paid. A duplicate copy of Transfer Certificate shall be granted only for adequate reasons in which case a fees of Rs.50/- is to be paid.

Application for Transfer Certificate at the end of the Scholastic Year should reach the office before the reopening of the school or else the year's fees will be charged.